Commercial Water Slides & Pool Inflatables

Contact us for custom aqua park design, no matter the size. Our AquaGlide Commercial Inflatable Products and Features can be attached using Walkways and Connectors.

Wow! Factor Features

Wow! Factor Features |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Agility & Track Features

Agility & Track Features |  Commercial Inflatable Products


Corners |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Platform Features
Walkways & Connections

Walkways & Connections |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Trampoline & Add-ons

Trampoline & Add-ons |  Commercial Inflatable Products


Lounges |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Rocker Features

Rocker Features |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Climbing Walls

Climbing Walls |  Commercial Inflatable Products

Water Warrior Services carry  the most robust and exciting commercial aquapark range on the planet, our commercial inflatable products development objectives are reasonably straight forward.

Compliance – 100% proactive focus on developing products in compliance with ISO 25649 and other required standards. Maintain existing certificates and issue new third-party certificates before production.

Diversity – One clear advantage Aquaglide has over other aquapark competitors is our product diversity. Our goal is to set the bar higher by offering several new products in frequently repeated footprints such as corners and universal hubs. This allows us to create larger parks with far less product duplication.

Originality – Rather than repeating concepts used by other brands, one clear objective for new items is to create truly original products and combinations that complement our unique aquapark system.

Functionality – Small or large, corner or hub, every new product has to hold its own by adding unique play value or other functionality.

Inclusiveness – Our goals are to think differently, finding ways to invite and include a wider set of users into the aquapark experience.

Commercial Inflatable Products