Complete Aquaglide Water Parks

All the Complete Aquaglide Water Parks below can be customized to your liking. Please contact us with any questions or for park design assistance.

Serpentine Series

Serpentine Series | Complete Aquaglide Water Parks

The newest addition to Aquaglide’s park design, Serpentine parks have a totally unique look. Made possible by a diversity of corner features, Serpentine layouts offer similar attributes to the Ring series, but with a one-of-a-kind meandering aspect to the park layout. 

This style appeals to a wide range of age groups and can be custom-tailored to high density, or more open layouts. The real advantage here is the maximum ‘wow’ factor offered by presenting a totally diverse park in a completely unique layout. 

Serpentine designs are the latest and greatest, and so they naturally appeal to those who want maximum excitement and maximum diversity in an aquapark layout. 

Ring Series

Ring Series | Complete Aquaglide Water Parks

Ring layouts are easy to distinguish due to their rounded corners and single or multiple loops, usually interconnected. With plenty of high excitement signature features, the pathways are also densely packed with a wide variety of moderate features, offering nearly continuous play as users move through the park. 

This style appeals to a wide range of age groups and allows a larger park capacity per area than other designs. Ring series parks work best in busy, high-volume commercial or resort operations that frequently run toward peak capacity and are easily scalable making them well-suited to phased installation. Larger ring designs can be easily tailored to offer age-appropriate user-zones, which helps to naturally separate users and offers something for everyone from young children to teens and parents. 

Functionally, Ring series is more about “play-along-the-way.” Providing continual play value on the pathways keeps users dispersed and reduces over-concentration on key signature features. The ability to easily scale-up capacity without reconfiguring the original layout is also a huge plus. 

Circuit Series

Circuit Series | Complete Aquaglide Water Parks

Circuit designs blend some of the best attributes of Micro and Ring layouts. Circuits frequently use a perimeter pathway interspersed with moderate challenge features and spiked with the high excitement of strategically placed signature items. 

Circuit parks are designed for camp, commercial and resort use, but are also highly adaptable and can be customized to meet any specific needs. This style is a good choice for operators with widely fluctuating capacity; perhaps running lean during the week but maxed out during peak times. Circuit designs vary greatly, but generally appeal to a wide range of user groups from young children to active teens and families.

By offering many attributes of Micro and Ring layouts, Circuits may be the most versatile and adaptable of the park design types. Circuit designs offer significant maximum capacity for peak periods yet are easier to staff at low capacity than a comparable Ring series park. 

Micro Series

Micro Series | Complete Aquaglide Water Parks

As the name suggests, Micro designs are generally small to moderate in size and tend to emphasize maximum excitement happening at the main feature items. By minimizing pathways, these layouts are designed to provide maximum play value at a minimum cost. 

This style works best for camps and moderate-volume commercial operators and can be easily fine-tuned to meet specific needs such as age-group, budget or target capacity. Micro designs are generally fit to a specific type of user (such as active, excitement-oriented teens) more than other park layouts. 

In places where the priority is big excitement for a controlled number of users, Micro layouts provide maximum ‘wow factor’ to fit most budgets.

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