Inflatable Pool Lounges

Are you looking to bring the ambiance of a relaxing tropical paradise to your waterpark?  Look no further than Aquaglide’s lagoon inflatable pool products, the height of tranquility on the open water.  The lagoon-style has charm, allure, and is strongly appealing to the eye.  Aquaglide lagoon inflatable pool products make it possible to recreate both the aesthetically pleasing design and the feel of a tropical paradise.  We have a lounge for every occasion, from small family get-togethers to more intimate social spaces.  Take a break from the sun beneath a shady cabana or work on your tan from the comfort and relaxation of a lagoon inflatable. The OG Lounge, Ohana Lounge, and Revel Lounge come complete with barstools, seating, a raised table, and cup holders for your own little oasis.  The Lazy Lounge includes cupholders and a spacious drop stitch platform for two to unwind and bask in the sun.  All four of these Aquaglide waterfront lounges are able to accommodate groups of up to six people.

Inflatable lounges

The SunDeck can fit up to four people and is best enjoyed when paired with the SoftPack, using Aquaglide’s signature Interloc™ System technology for the ultimate lounging experience.  The Soaker Lounge is able to accommodate up to five children or six adults, while the Solarium is able to accommodate up to five adults.  

Each can act as a standalone, a social space for a mini-park, or used for an additional revenue stream in a commercial setting.  We have a wide variety of additional Aquaglide replacement parts and accessories to complement our lounge spaces, many of which work well for both commercial and residential use.  Mix and match to design your very own, one-of-a-kind inflatable waterpark!

Inflatable products such as the lagoon inflatable pool line are constructed with the brand new Cx3 fabric for improved airtightness, enhanced durability, and increasing the thickness up to 0.9 mm.  Featuring hot air welded drop stitch connectors for superior safety and security, Aquaglide’s manufacturing technology offers as much peace of mind for adults as they do excitement for kids.