Aquaglide Platinum Resort Pump 110V

110v Platinum Pump

The Aquaglide Platinum Resort Pump is a commercial-grade 110/120v electric pump for resorts, camps and other commercial use. It offers dual pump motors which can be used selectively to best suit the application. Activating supplementary booster increases pump capacity and maximum air pressure capability. Each motor is protected by a high-threshold thermal-amperic fuse and offers both inflate and deflate capability.

Includes 40 mm wire-reinforced hose with attached fittings for Rapid Inflate, Boston, Woosung and Halkey-Roberts valves as well as a 38mm threaded dump valve connection for unrestricted air flow. This is a must-have item for resorts & camps.


Dimensions 15″ L x 7″ W x 11″ H
Maximum Output 2.8 psi