Aquaglide Double Ice cap

Sure, Double Icecap looks innocent enough, but this is obstacle challenge is not to be underestimated. Bold users balance across this double-bounce pillow, while others may prefer to traverse along the perimeter.  True to its’ name, this feature has double the fun of the Universal Icecap, and when wet the Icecaps become as slippery as ice. Ideally positioned in the center of a park run, Double Icecap connects to any aquapark on two sides using our Interlock connection system.

Dimensions   20’ L (609 cm) x 10.6’ W (323 cm) x 3.1’ H (95 cm).
Minimum Water Depth   4.5’ (1.38 m)
Capacity   4 Adults / 4 Children
Warranty   3-year limited against any manufacturing defects.
Includes   Storage wrap and repair kit.
Not Included   Anchor weights, mooring lines, and inflation pump.
 Best For   Bouncing, sliding and wiggly shenanigans.