waterfront inflatables

Spot the Difference: Real vs. Counterfeit Waterfront Inflatables

Cheap imitations from China and other countries are entering the waterfront inflatables market at an alarming rate…

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The same applies to waterfront inflatables.

Counterfeits and Knock-Offs of popular waterfront inflatables products are not only substandard, they’re just plain illegal. When you’re considering any waterfront products or waterfront inflatable products, make sure you protect yourself and your visitors from the dangers of cheap imitations. The cheaper cost of knock-offs ends up costing a lot more in the long run.

waterfront inflatables

Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in quality waterfront inflatables:

  1. SAFETY & COMPLIANCE: Factories in China and other countries producing counterfeit products are not subject to meeting any specific safety standards, nor are they required to certify their products through third-party test houses. This often leads to counterfeiters faking compliance certificates or simply not using legitimate test houses at all. Our manufacturers do not cut corners to skirt the law.
  1. QUALITY: Our manufacturers stand behind their products by offering extensive warranties that will protect you from any manufacturing defects. With many years of design innovation and use of the highest quality materials, you’re getting the longest-lasting products suitable for commercial environments. Our manufacturers were some of the very first pioneers of the industry.
  1. SUPPORT: We understand when we offer you turnkey solutions that include consultation, installation, operational guidelines, and even emergency plans, you’re not just “buying products”. We make sure that you get what you pay for ­— to make sure your investment is in good hands and legitimate in every way. We go the extra mile because when you succeed we succeed.
  2. LIABILITY: Should you choose to purchase cheaper counterfeit products directly, should there be an incident involving those products resulting in injury or death, you may be held liable not only as the business operator but as the actual product manufacturer. If you buy direct from an illegitimate factory, you legally assume the role of the manufacturer. You could also be exposed to patent, copyright, or trademark infringement lawsuits.

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