Floating Cabanas

What Are Floating Cabanas?

Capturing the feel of a tropical paradise or island oasis in your own pool or waterpark has grown in popularity in recent years.  Pools and parks that successfully do so are featured on all sorts of reality TV shows, from travel themed to those that tour unique and quirky houses.  But what is it about this particular style that people find so appealing?  Part of the allure can be found in inflatables used on the water itself, such as floating cabanas, as they are very effective for creating the mood for park-goers.

Unparalleled Relaxation

A floating cabana acts as a nice little escape, especially when you are in a public water park.  It can be a challenge to relax when you are in a place that is prone to attracting large numbers of people.  But when you are using a floating cabana you never have to worry about sharing space, or having your space invaded, as you are completely isolated from other park goers.  Unwinding and escaping into your own world while on the water has never been easier. 

Social Space

That is not to say that you need to be by yourself when using a floating cabana.  Rather, you decide your company.  Floating cabanas can provide seating for a small number of people, usually four to six but sometimes up to eight.  They provide a perfect intimate atmosphere to enjoy your waterfront fun with friends and family.  Many include cupholders and tables as well, so you can snack while you kick back with a small party of your favorite people.   

Floating Cabanas

Residential or Commercial

The best thing about floating cabanas is how versatile they are.  Commercial owners can benefit greatly by having them as part of their parks, connected to other outdoor water inflatables such as walkways.  Likewise, residential owners of a floating cabana can take their inflatable out for a day at the lake.  This is easily done as they, generally speaking, do not have a very demanding minimum water depth.

Find Yours Today

Both the OG Lounge and the Revel Lounge by Aquaglide are two of the highest quality floating cabanas currently on the waterpark inflatables market.  Aquaglide’s products are specially manufactured with high quality PVC material and include additional safety features such as their signature Interloc™ System technology, for an experience that is as secure as it is tranquil.  To learn more about Aquaglide’s floating cabanas and other aquapark accessories available through Water Warrior Services, contact us today.