Why Aquaglide Aquaparks

Why Choose Our Aquaparks?

Aquaglide has pioneered innovative ways to have fun on the water for over 30 years. As a result, the Aquaglide name has become synonymous with commercial watersports through its inflatable Aquapark systems that have changed the face of commercial recreation.

Aquaglide Aquapark products are designed for the long-term durability demands of camp, resort, and commercial use. Each design is carefully vetted, third-party tested to meet the highest quality and product safety standards, then continuously refined by using feedback from our global customer network. Aquaglide inflatable structures can be used as standalone features or combined with other Aquapark features to create the ultimate water playground.

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Water park owners across the globe consistently tell us their users prefer the Aquaglide Aquapark experience over other leading brands. Aquaglide Aquaparks offer excitement, innovation, quality, and value, with unique features such as our exclusive Monsoon Spray System and the industry’s largest swing, the Sky Rocket. By choosing Aquaglide, water park owners can rest assured they’ll receive high-quality products with the highest level of service and support.

What Makes Aquaglide the Best Choice?

Selecting an Aquapark design and layout is a significant decision. When making your choice, here are some key points that make Aquaglide superior to other aquaparks on the market.

  • Superior Designs and Innovative Features
  • Superior Materials and Construction Methods
  • Superior Adjustable Mooring System
  • Superior Warranty and Customer Support
  • Superior Value and Return on Investment
  • The Aquaglide Aquapark Advantage
  • Aquaglide Aquapark Designs
  • Aquaglide Aquapark Layout Series
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Superior Designs and Innovative Features

Aquaglide helped lead the rapid evolution from basic water trampolines to the incredible aquaparks of today. Early on in the process, the Aquaglide design team developed one of the first in-water attachment systems for secure modular connections called Vario Interloc. The Vario Interloc system is the foundation of every Aquaglide Aquapark because it provides quick, easy, and secure connections.

The modern aquapark concept began to emerge once Aquaglide’s designers released innovative play structures like its Summit Express slide and Jungle Joe climbing structure with slide. The natural next step was to interconnect these structures. Although seemingly simple, the Aquaglide team pushed technological boundaries to develop speedway decks necessary to link these massive structures together and withstand the incredible abuse of a commercial setting.


These innovative speedway designs led to increasingly complex pathways between even more inventive and more exciting features, all created with Aquaglide’s unique vision of what makes an aquapark fun. Through a relentless pursuit of excitement, Aquaglide continues to create innovative features like the Universal Monsoon Spray Station, Skyrocket Swing, Monkey Dome Climbing Structure, and Everest Slide Play Station. Our passion for innovative designs motivates us to continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with a modern aquapark.

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The Aquaglide Aquapark products of today are the culmination of years of experience and are designed to inspire hours of creative free play. Users are able to entertain themselves, so less staff is required to oversee organized activities. And with a multitude of styles, layouts, and features, our motivation for creating a better aquapark comes from the feedback we receive from our valued customers who use the products.

Superior Materials and Construction Methods

Duratex is the best quality material for commercial aquaparks—period. Aquaglide works directly with material suppliers to develop exclusive, purpose-built materials. Aquaglide’s product range offers the most refined, technologically superior materials on the market. These superior materials are then combined with cutting-edge construction techniques to ensure the durability and functionality required for a commercial setting. For example, Aquaglide seams are hot air-welded, not glued. And our premium Duratex material allows a thicker coating of PVC, which results in higher-quality welds for improved durability and airtightness.

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Commercial aquapark products are subjected to extreme abuse from toes, heels, knees, and elbows. They also must endure daily air pressure extremes caused by thermal expansion from the sun. Aquaglide’s High Pressure (HP) Technology material uses high-quality drop-stitch construction that withstands an internal pressure of up to 20 psi (1.4 bar) without damage. Aquaglide uses the HP material at a very acceptable working pressure of 5 psi (0.35 bar). That’s 15 psi lower than its maximum internal pressure, which means durability is never an issue. Another advantage of our HP material is that it offers a smooth, flat, low-profile platform that’s much easier to board from the water and a better option than rope and step-style boarding ladders. Since low-profile boarding platforms are located throughout Aquaglide Aquaparks, users don’t have to swim around searching for a dedicated boarding area. Park operators around the world report this as a major advantage to Aquaglide parks.

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Aquaglide continually analyzes and improves its materials, product specifications, and construction techniques based on our commercial customers’ feedback on an ongoing basis. For example, we developed a durable material called Cx3 that we use in play structures and I-beam connectors. Cx3 was developed to withstand the rigors of commercial use and features a 1000d polyester core for better elasticity, superior adhesion, and maximum UV protection. Our drop-stitch connectors are hot-air welded with three-layer seams and ultra-durable two-layer fused construction for maximum longevity. No other brand offers the exclusive materials and superior construction methods as Aquaglide does.

Every product is subjected to extensive lab and field tests to ensure it meets or exceeds the most rigorous product safety standards. Aquaglide products are third-party certified and compliant with the highest possible standards—ASTM and ISO/EN 25649. When considering any supplier, we encourage customers to ask for proof of compliance.

Superior Adjustable Mooring System

Correct mooring is critical to the success of any aquapark. Improper mooring can cause excessive wear and be potentially dangerous. The Aquaglide commercial mooring system is built around strong, flexible elastic mooring lines designed to minimize shock-loading and keep Aquapark features in place no matter what the conditions. We purposely designed our mooring system to be turnkey for easy installation and adjustable to accommodate a wide range of water depths.


Aquapark builders can purchase complete mooring lines that include two five-foot-long mooring ropes, six one-foot-long mooring ropes, one heavy-duty bungee, and one line float that will accommodate up to 19 feet (5.8 m) of water depth but can also be adjusted in one-foot increments to the needed water depth—with no knots required. Individual one-foot and five-foot mooring ropes are also available for additional depth adjustability. All Aquaglide mooring lines include #316 stainless-steel quick links and snap hooks.

Aquaglide includes a mooring diagram with every aquapark feature that contains our recommended method for anchoring each item. Although not typically difficult, there is a wide range of variables to consider when setting up proper mooring for a given site. Regardless of whether you use Aquaglide’s turnkey installation service, a managed installation, or choose to install the park yourself, Aquaglide will help ensure the job is done right.

Superior Warranty and Customer Support

We stand behind our products and customers. Aquaglide commercial products are backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Not only do we stand behind our products, but we also work hard to build trust through long-term partnerships with our customers. When you purchase an Aquaglide Aquapark, you can rest assured that you will receive quality products backed by superior customer service and support.

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Superior Value and Return on Investment

When considering an aquapark, it’s critical to analyze your investment over a three to five-year period—not just the initial purchase costs. There may be cheaper alternatives on the market— that attempt to copy Aquaglide products—but these cheap imitations will likely last less than one season in a commercial setting. Aquaglide Aquaparks are designed to last, which means fewer problems, fewer repairs, less hassle, less PVC in the landfill, and a quicker return on your investment. Most operators report recovering the cost of their Aquaglide park investment within the first season of operation.

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The Aquaglide Aquapark Advantage

Aquaglide components are designed to interconnect easily. Our Universal Connection System has proven to be an industry gamechanger that allows unlimited Aquapark design configurations. Using octagon-shaped platforms (called a “Universal”), other aquapark features can be linked on all eight sides at once—offering unlimited possibilities.

Each Aquaglide Universal can be used as a hub, corner—or anything in between—and can be connected to any Aquapark using the D-Ring Vario Interloc system on all eight sides combined with a secure Vario-Lock cinch strap system.

Park layouts can be quickly changed, and exciting new components easily added. The Aquaglide Universal Connection System allows you to start with a small aquapark, then gradually expand your layout’s footprint as your customer base and needs increase.


Aquaglide Aquapark Designs

Every aquapark venue has a unique character and setting, so Aquaglide creates designs to meet various needs. We approach each Aquapark layout design with the same passion and dedication as we do with each of our individual features.

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Careful analysis combined with years of experience working with park operators and their end-user customers has led to the development of five distinct aquapark series that range in size from small entry-level layouts to massive, cutting-edge mega parks. Each Aquaglide Aquapark uses the following design criteria to ensure each layout surpasses customer expectations and provides the best experience for end users.

Established Onboarding Zones – designed to handle the capacity of each park with multiple paths for participants to navigate in order to eliminate congestion and bottlenecks.

High and Low Depth Zones – with the shore side of each layout incorporating play structures with minimal depth requirements. Then as the park extends into deeper water, we incorporate larger flagship play structures.

Constant Play Zones – are the key to a fun and efficient layout by providing areas for users to move and navigate circuits and pathways using challenge track pieces. When linked together, these track pieces provide endless fun and a variety of ways to experience the Aquapark.

High Profile Excitement Zone (HPEZ) – are incorporated when an Aquapark venue has adequate water depths. In these parks, Aquaglide’s competitive advantage is on full display as we position several of the largest feature components to provide the ultimate wow factor for users. No other aquapark brand comes close to delivering the same level of excitement as Aquaglide does with its large components like the Skyrocket Swing, Aquaglide Freefall Supreme Slide and Play Station, and Summit Slide.

High Profile Excitement Zone Pathway (HPEZP) – is a designated pathway to the HPEZ that incorporates moderate components in order to provide an easier path for younger users and the less adventurous.

Universal Monsoon Spray Station – is an optional octagon-shaped sprinkler platform that shoots a carefully controlled spray of water in a large radius from its center. Not only does this feature provide rainbows of color, but the cooling spray also keeps users comfortable, equipment clean, and maximizes the wow-factor of sliding surfaces throughout the Aquapark.

Aquaglide Aquapark Layout Series

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Micro Series Aquaparks

As the name suggests, Aquaglide Micro Aquapark layouts are generally small to moderate in size and emphasize maximum excitement focused around main feature items. Micro layouts generally fit a specific user type (such as active, excitement-oriented teens) more than other aquapark series.

These layouts work best for camps and moderate-volume commercial operators and can be easily fine-tuned to meet specific needs such as age-group, budget, or target capacity. By minimizing pathways, Micro layouts are designed to provide maximum play value at a minimal cost. In places where the priority is big excitement for a controlled number of users, Aquaglide Micro layouts provide the maximum wow factor that fits almost any budget.


Circuit Series Aquaparks

Aquaglide Circuit layouts blend some of the best attributes of Aquaglide’s Micro and Ring Series layouts. Circuits frequently use a perimeter pathway interspersed with moderate challenge features, then are spiked with strategically placed high excitement signature items. Circuit parks are designed for camp, commercial, and resort use but are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet specific needs.

Circuit layouts are an excellent choice for aquapark operators with fluctuating capacity, where there may be fewer users during certain days but maxed out weekends. They offer maximum capacity for peak periods yet are easy to staff at low capacity. These layouts can vary greatly and appeal to a wide range of user groups—from young children to active teens and families. By offering many of the same attributes found on Micro and Ring Series layouts, the Circuit is Aquaglide’s most versatile and adaptable layout series.


Rings Series Aquaparks

Aquaglide Ring Series layouts are easily distinguished by rounded corners and single or multiple loops that are usually interconnected. Ring layouts appeal to a wide range of age groups and allow a larger park capacity per area than any other Aquaglide Series. Ring Series parks work best in busy, high-volume commercial or resort operations that frequently run toward peak capacity but are also easily scalable without reconfiguring the original layout, making them well-suited for phased installations. Larger Ring layouts can be tailored to offer age-appropriate user-zones, which helps separate users and offer something for everyone—from young children to teens and parents.

Functionally, the Ring Series is more about “play-along-the-way,” by providing continual play value on pathways, which keeps users dispersed and reduces over-concentration on key signature features. Loaded with high excitement signature features, Ring Series pathways are densely packed with a variety of moderate features, offering nearly continuous play as users move throughout the park.


Serpentine Series Aquaparks

Aquaglide Serpentine Series layouts have a unique look. With a diversity of corner features, Serpentine layouts offer similar attributes as the Ring Series, except with a one-of-a-kind meandering aspect to each layout. Serpentine layouts appeal to a wide range of age groups and can be custom-tailored for higher density or a more open layout.

Maximum wow factor is the Serpentine Series’ key selling point by presenting a diverse Aquapark in a unique layout. Serpentine layouts are the latest and greatest from Aquaglide and appeal to those who want maximum excitement and diversity in an Aquapark layout.


Custom Series Aquaparks

Not seeing a park layout that fits your exact needs? We’re happy to help you create a custom Aquapark layout based on your needs and preferences. The Aquaglide team will incorporate your operational goals, user demographics, site dimensions, water depth, regional weather, local marine conditions, and staff and permitting requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your custom Aquaglide Aquapark needs!

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