Why Aquaglide?

Excitement: We are continually told by park owners across the globe that have experience with leading brands, that their participants prefer the Aquaglide experience. They indicate that our features offer more excitement for participants of all ages. Further, our wide range of larger and more exciting pieces encourage repeat customers which is vital to long term success. 

Innovation: We are constantly striving to offer new unique pieces, small and large, which draw interest, excitement and add variety. Adding exciting new elements from season to season provides a great platform to drive social media/marketing efforts which in turn drive new and repeat customers. An example of this is the Sky Rocket, the industries largest swing.

Monsoon Spray system: Simply put, it’s a spray system with strategically placed stations that keep the features wet. This is a game-changer for Aquaparks globally which is exclusive to Aquaglide (global patent pending). The top reported injury for Aquaparks, regardless of brand, is skin burn/irritation from hot and dry fabric. When the pieces become hot and many times dry, the slides or other pieces that should be slippery and playful end up being “grabby” on the clothing and the skin. Wet pieces greatly increase the fun factor. A secondary benefit is that the constant spray keeps the play structures cooler which aids in reducing hot air expansion in the afternoon sun. Lastly, a major benefit is that it keeps the birds off the elements keeping them clean of waste. While not a perceived issue yet for new operators, once the park is open and providing fun to all the participants, it will be something to contend with. 

Quality: Our commercial collection will be constructed with our new Cx3 fabric. The fabric increases in thickness to 0.9mm giving us the same robust fabric as our competition. In addition to being thicker, the new formulation provides a stronger pulling strength, improved airtightness, and superior durability. In addition to the new material, the seams on our dropstich connectors will be hot air welded. This new technology eliminates glued seams resulting in superior durability and quality of the connectors. 

Warranty: We stand behind every product we make 100%. Our industry-leading 3-year warranty provides park operators globally with peace of mind. 

Value: Value comes in many forms beyond dollars. All the key factors above add this type of value which is vital to long-term success. With that said, the dollar value is vital as well. Our products will perform equal or better while providing more excitement, as well as more value for money. Being very mindful of the purchase price and start-up costs gives you a direct advantage. While Aquaparks are fun, they are also a serious business.