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A Water Park Supplier You Can Trust

Contrary to what appearances might suggest, not all water parks and water park inflatables are made equally. There are regulations that must be followed, industry standards that must be met or exceeded, and park-goers whose satisfaction and safety must be considered every step of the way. Keeping your patrons safe and happy goes hand-in-hand with purchasing high-quality aqua inflatables. So, what is the criteria for ‘high-quality’, and how can park owners identify a reputable water park supplier? 

Always Choose Quality Water Inflatables from a Quality Water Park Supplier 

If something sounds too good to be true, chances are it is. Anyone who has ever purchased a counterfeit or knockoff product can attest to this, and such goods can be found in any market. The aquatic inflatable industry is no exception. You should only ever purchase your inflatables from a reputable water park supplier, and never sacrifice quality for a cheap deal. Chances are you are also compromising on patron safety, as these goods are not subject to the same rigorous testing and safety standards as the real thing. These can easily lead to a lawsuit in which you will be held liable, as there is no legitimate manufacturer who can be held liable. That responsibility falls to the purchaser of the counterfeit product. 

Spot the Difference

When purchasing water inflatables for your aqua park there are a few things that you will want to keep an eye out for. The first is an instruction manual and repair kit that are included with your purchase. There is no point in buying a product that does not tell you how to set it up, operate it, and keep it in good condition. The second is verification that the inflatables have met the safety standards set by one of the entities responsible for establishing them. Look for labels such as TUV or SGS to ensure that the products you purchase have undergone the appropriate testing.

Why Aquaglide is the Best in the Business

Any brand or company can claim to be the best in their respective industry, but Aquaglide is the only name that is trusted by water park owners across the world. They are the go-to water park supplier because of their innovative designs, exceptional materials, comprehensive safety features, and reliable customer service. They offer their customers an incredible, high-value experience because their products have set the standard that other water park suppliers are trying to meet. 

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