Floating Cabanas

The Best Floating Cabanas

Floating cabanas are a great way to introduce a fun new element to your water-based attractions or private pools. With so many different great pieces to choose from it can be hard to decide which inflatables to add to your property. This list influences four of the best inflatables Aquaglide has to offer to enhance your open water experience this summer.

The Revel Lounge

The Revel Lounge is as relaxing as they come. It has a laid-back layout featuring tatami-style seating complete with a canopy for some extra shade. This floating cabana can accommodate up to six people, making it a great choice for small group get-togethers or families looking to unwind together. The Revel Lounge works by itself or as part of a larger custom-designed park.

The Solarium

This little floating deck is the ideal spot for sunbathing, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Connect it to other water inflatables to increase the maximum seating and accommodate larger groups, or use it as a standalone to work on your tan while others socialize under one of the other great floating cabanas. It is capable of accommodating up to five people.

The Ohana Lounge

Ohana is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘family’, and that is exactly who this floating cabana was created for. Benches, cupholders, and even a cooler cutout are a part of its family-friendly design. Groups of six can hang out together under its shaded tent and socialize here. This fun inflatable doubles as both an independent floating cabana or an accessory to any park layout that you create. 

The OG Lounge

No list would ever be complete without including The OG Lounge by Aquaglide. True to its name, it is both one of the original open water loungers made by Aquaglide as well as one of their bestselling. It has barstool seating around a raised table, complete with cupholders. This lounge can be used as a standalone floating cabana or connected to others for a social space, accommodating up to six people.

Floating cabanas are an excellent addition to any recreational waterfront, mini waterpark, or private residential pool. They add personality, style, and even a little extra revenue where it counts. Contact Water Warrior Services today and get started on creating your own one-of-a-kind summer getaway today.