best inflatable outdoor water park

Make Your Campsite Stand Out with an Inflatable Outdoor Water Park

The best inflatable outdoor water park.

There are two kinds of water parks- the ones you want to visit and the ones you never want to leave. If your camp has an outdoor water park, then chances are you want it to fall under the latter category. If your camp is lacking creative and interesting water activities, then it is time for a change. Water activities can easily become the highlight of a camper’s experience, especially during summer programs. And that experience is exactly what we aim to offer you.

Activities such as canoeing and swimming are staples of outdoor camping programs, but they have a limited return of investment. An inflatable outdoor water park, on the other hand, gives campers a fun and thrilling day of play that traditional activities do not come close to.

An Unrivaled Investment

Camp is all about making new friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Group activities are at the core of most camping programs. It only stands to reason that you should provide an environment that encourages teamwork and building bonds. An inflatable outdoor water park not only gives all of your campers a fun and safe space to play together but also makes it easier for staff to monitor large groups. It’s easy for a single swimmer to wander off, but no child can resist the allure and excitement of a water park.

Commercial inflatable products, in particular, are ideal for camps because of how easy they are to customize. Building something large enough for all campers to enjoy without exceeding your budget has incredible long-term value. Aquaglide’s outdoor water park structures are easy to adjust and alter, making it possible to scale your park to match camp attendance rates. 

Character and Self-Esteem

Camps near a body of water usually designate an area for the experienced swimmers and the beginners. This division is usually influenced by elements such as age and height. Sometimes it is necessary to separate kids for age-appropriate activities, but water activities are suitable for all age groups. Why not capitalize on that by utilizing the space in a way that everyone can enjoy? Instead of creating a boundary between “the deep end” and “the shallow end,” you can create an inflatable outdoor water park that has something for everyone.

It is hard to build a child’s confidence when they are so clearly separated by ability. Even if no one else is judging them, they may feel as if they are being judged. When children are separated by ability it may read like ‘You’re not good enough’, and nobody wants to feel that way. Those negative thoughts can easily interfere with their fun in the sun. Inflatable water parks will not only prevent that, they will give children a means of building confidence and strength that does not come at the expense of someone else’s self-esteem. Feeling good and having a good time need to go hand in hand.

Next Level Play Place

You would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to invest in an inflatable water park for your camp. It does not matter if your goal is to distinguish yourself to attract newcomers or keep things exciting, so your current campers return each summer. A water park makes it possible to quickly and efficiently meet those goals. Aquaglide manufactures the most exciting structures for you to create a water park that you can proudly call your own. Their high-quality state-of-the-art products is made of durable materials designed to last, giving you and your campers summer fun for years. They are easy to maintain, easy to assemble, and use a two-step vario lock strap connection system for additional safety and security.

We carry a variety of Aquaglide’s first-rate complete sets and individual parts for commercial use. Sets that we carry include:

  • Serpentine series- appropriate for a wide range of age groups
  • Ring series- suitable for larger locations
  • Circuit series – designs blend some of the best attributes of Micro and Ring layouts.
  • Microseries- suitable for smaller locations

best inflatable outdoor water park

Individual commercial pieces that we carry include:

  • Jungle Jim- A sturdy pyramidal structure with different ways to jump, climb, and, most importantly, splash.
  • Supertramp- Nickel-coated springs support a larger area which gives campers a bouncy surface unlike any other.
  • Sundeck- This is a great add-on as it allows campers to relax after hours of fun, or to take a quick break and recharge so they can keep going.

Most camp activities are spent outdoors, but no one enjoys being in the heat for extended periods of time. An inflatable outdoor water park will keep everyone feeling cool and refreshed and give your campers an unforgettable summer adventure. Take a look at Aquaglide’s inflatable outdoor water park structures, and start building your perfect park today.