Water Inflatables

What to Look For When Buying Water Inflatables

Nowadays, no one can claim to have an aqua park without having at least one water inflatable. Water Inflatables, especially those that come with obstacle courses, are increasingly becoming more popular and in-demand. If you’ve seen videos of patrons having the time of their lives while using outdoor water inflatables, you can see why they’re so popular. However, as a business owner, aside from your guests’ enjoyment, you should also pay close attention to their safety.

So for today’s blog, we’re going to give you a few tips on what to look out for before deciding to purchase a water inflatable for your aqua park.

Water Inflatables Entrapment Hazards

Since you’re going for an obstacle course, a few things might be present such as ropes and handles that might pose as an entrapment hazard. Your goal is to make sure to keep the obstacle course as engaging as possible without posing a risk to your patrons’ safety.

Water Inflatables Safety Standards

Water Inflatables are often subject to international safety standards, so you don’t have to do thorough testing them yourself. What you need to do instead is to inspect if the products you’re looking at bear the certification of these international safety standard protocols/bodies. Safety labels, such as TUV or SGS, certify that the products have undergone and passed the required safety tests.

Water Inflatables Detailed Instruction and Repair Kits

Of course, how can you even assemble the said equipment in the absence of a detailed instruction manual? The instruction manual should not only contain the steps to assemble it but should also contain details on how to disassemble and repair, as well as other safety and service information.

Speaking of repairs, the product should also have at least a simple repair kit. Products, inflatables included, cannot avoid the natural process of wear and tear, so a simple repair kit to handle minor repairs should come in handy.

Alternatively, a more practical and wise choice would be to get your outdoor water inflatables through a trusted dealer. Water Warriors is not only a trusted and reliable dealer of liquid loungers, slick slide equipment, and inflatables for your aqua park, but also offers services that help you prolong the life of your valuable investments.

Should you like to know more about our services and products, please feel free to contact the team at Water Warrior Services and we’ll get in touch with you.