Campground Inflatable Water Features

Campground Inflatable Water Features Are Hit For Everyone!

Campgrounds with running water, access to electricity, proper sewage systems, or even wifi are relatively unheard of. After all, that would defeat the purpose, right? The whole point of going camping is to rough it in the great outdoors, far from civilization, modernity, and all of those luxuries. Yet there is a slowly but surely growing trend amongst campgrounds to include these features, and more, to create a completely different experience. Some are even going so far as to add live entertainment, nature workshops, and Campground Inflatable Water Features to their activities and amenities.

Camping should be fun, educational, and that does not need to come at the expense of modernity. Some of these ‘modernized’ campgrounds are taking it one step further to enhance the recreational aspect of their services – water parks.

The Reasons for the Trend

That too sounds unnecessary, and perhaps even counterintuitive at first. Many campgrounds already have designated spots for swimming. It is perfectly understandable if some people find that adding a swimming pool and other aquatic areas like hot tubs and aquatic playgrounds to be a waste of space and resources. That’s exactly why many places are opting to add these features though because they already have open space that is going to waste. Open areas do not provide campers with the incentive to go exploring, yet property owners still tend to them and pay for them despite their being unused.

Adding such features provides a two-fold benefit- better business and a better camping experience.

The Business Angle

Instead of keeping the unused or underused space as is, it makes more sense for businesses to find new and creative ways to make them attractive to campers. Optimizing space is one of the easiest ways for any business to improve their reputation, performance, and use of their budget. How does that apply to campgrounds?

First and foremost, revenue. Giving their campers more things to try creates multiple sources of revenue. The return on investment is guaranteed. This is good news for older businesses that are struggling to stay open and newer businesses that are struggling to break into the market.

Secondly, it improves their image. Earlier we mentioned that it can be difficult for recreational spaces to stand out in a saturated market. Simply having an aquatic park connected to the campsite is quite unique, so when they add campground inflatable water features they are able to make both the campsite and the aquatic park stand out. This one-of-a-kind recreational space will inevitably draw more tourists than others, and it can easily turn them into regular customers. It can also entice the locals who would otherwise prefer to go somewhere else for their vacation. After all, it doesn’t really feel like a vacation if you stay so close to home – unless you have features that cannot be found anywhere else, that is.

The local economy is going to get quite the boost too. Not only will there be a boom in tourism, adding a waterpark creates a lot of new job opportunities. Lifeguards, concession stand attendants, performers, and custodial crews are necessary for any combination campground-water park to be a fun and safe place for everyone.

The Visitor Angle

These added features are extremely attractive to park goers for a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest is that people like to have options. If you have been to one campground, you have been to them all.  If you have been to one water park, you have been to them all. It is very difficult for parks to distinguish themselves from their competitors unless they are near other tourist attractions like hiking trails. Likewise, water parks experience the same struggles unless they are adding the latest inflatables to create custom play places. Not many people can say that they’ve enjoyed the best of both worlds in one location, especially when they feature other activities and amenities like the ones we mentioned earlier.

This brings us to the next reason, which is tied to the desire for options, and that is convenience. It can be hard to plan a weekend getaway or a family vacation; more often than not, everyone wants to do something different. Going to a campground with its own water park, complete with campground inflatable water features, means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Water parks and campgrounds already make an effort to have different activities for different age groups, making these dual campground-water parks an ideal location for families in particular.

The First Step

Are you looking to optimize the space on your campground, and offer your visitors an exciting and unforgettable experience? Water Warrior Services has everything you need, and more. Our catalog has only the latest and greatest in aquatic inflatables made by the most reliable name on the market. We offer set up, take down, maintenance, and winter storage services to all of our customers. Get in touch with our team today and together we’ll find the perfect campground inflatable water features for your park.