Get The Best Aquaslides on the Market

Get The Best Aquaslides on the Market

Here at Water Warrior Services, we’re all about helping people have fun. We help you entice your visitors into the water for hours of neverending fun. Plus, you don’t have to worry about water park maintenance and can set your mind to more important tasks. We’ve partnered with Aquaglide, the premier manufacturer of inflatable water park attractions to help you build a floating water park that keeps people coming back again and again!

Meet the Slides 

The hallmarks of any great water park are the slides. Children dare each other to take the highest, fastest, “scariest” ones, and race each other for the privilege of being the first one back at the top. Aquaglide is always innovating new ways for everyone to slide their way to a great time. Here are some of the water slides they offer (and we install) that you can use to build your own customized water park:

Aquaglide Everest 

Mount Everest is the world’s tallest mountain, and the Everest is Aquaglide’s tallest slide. At over 20ft high, the Everest also features a sizable interior play area that allows a lot of climbing, bouncing, and hiding. The climbing wall and zero-entry slide will entice visitors to throw themselves down the slide over and over again. The Everest as a whole can hold 18 people at once, so you won’t have to worry about bored visitors waiting in endless lines. 

Aquaglide Summit™ Express 

Over 16ft high, the Summit™ Express offers a zero-entry slide and climbing wall to keep up to 12 visitors at once active and busy. The interior of this triangle-shaped slide is a play area perfect for bouncing, playing, swinging, or simply resting. Making an outstanding centerpiece, the Summit™ Express has become part of the most precious parks and resorts in the world. Will your water park be next?

Aquaglide Freefall Supreme 

Shade mesh top? Yes. A more than 16-foot tall slide wide enough for 3 people to use at once? You bet! The Aquaglide Freefall Supreme is loads of fun, holding up to 12 people at once with its multi-use, multi-function design. Visitors can slide, jump, climb on the climbing wall, careen down the zero-entry slide, or simply lounge for a while. 

Aquaglide Jungle Joe™ 2 

At a more modest 12ft high, the Jungle Joe™ 2 boasts a robust climbing structure, mesh interior platforms to allow for splashing, and multi-level terraces for tons of fun for up to 10 people. With robust platform add-on options, you can use the patented Interloc system to customize this attraction in several unique and captivating ways. 

King of the Mountain 

It may stand shorter than the rest of the slides, but there’s no doubt that King of the Mountain is a perennial fan favorite. Your visitors only need to climb 6.5ft to careen down the slide, making it easy to use again and again. You can pair the King air with a Runway™  to let your waterpark visitors rush up the back end at full speed and then hurtle down again. With so many possible configurations, King of the Hill will keep you visitors happy year after year. 

Partner with Water Warrior Services

Water park attractions are incredibly popular—and profitable. When you partner with Water Warrior Services, you don’t have to worry about setup, takedown, or any of the maintenance in-between. We’ve got your back every step of the way, helping you prepare, maintain, and configure the best water slides on the market. Contact us today to get started!