Creating Opportunities for Waterfront Recreation

Creating Opportunities for Waterfront Recreation

There are waterfronts across the U.S. that were built for industrial purposes, but now they serve as little more than remnants of a bygone era. Rather than continue to neglect these spaces they can be repurposed into a recreational hotspot. This breathes new life into the land as well as generating additional revenue for their respective communities. 

In High Demand

From sunny days spent on the lake to a long soak in the bathtub, water has long been associated with comfort and relaxation. We as humans can never get enough of such serene aquatic escapes of any scale. It should come as no surprise then that the appeal to waterfront recreation is about more than giving these underserved corners of cities and towns a much-needed makeover. It speaks to something inherent to us, the desire that we all have to simply take a break, unwind, and let loose. By their very nature, waterfront recreation destinations satisfy needs on both a financial and a fundamentally human level. In other words, they will always be in demand, so there is little to no financial risk involved in the investment. It is an expensive endeavor for communities big and small but the revenue it brings in can be so significant that it practically pays for itself. 

Basic Planning

Now that we have established the perpetually beneficial nature of waterfront recreation, we should look at how communities can strategically capitalize on them. The questions that must be answered are:

  • What is the body of water that the waterfront is on?
  • How is that body of water currently being used?
  • What is the intended outcome of creating this recreational destination?


The other factors that must be considered are what types of activities the waterfront can accommodate. Is it suitable for deep-water activities, shallow-water activities, or both? What are the active recreation activities and passive recreation activities that can be set up in this location?

These offer key insights into the optimal layout as well as the safety measures that need to be put in place. This can be further broken down into amenities too. Some places are more suited for large inflatable water parks than others, and the kayaks used for adventure paddling are very different from those needed for whitewater paddling. Different demographics are attracted to different activities too, so a little market research becomes necessary in order to properly advertise to the right crowds.   


The recreational spaces need to be arranged in a way that contributes to the mood and environment that one is trying to create. Still, waters can look relaxing but if the ticket lines zigzag haphazardly across the property then the environment will be a chaotic one. The solution is to make sure you are creating strategically designated spaces for trash, food, seating, shade, ticket booths, lifeguard stations, and so on. The water itself needs to be allocated for various activities such as swimming, fishing, pedal boats, inflatable waterparks, and so on. 

This is also the time to consider which local businesses, if any, will be involved in creating the recreational waterfront destination. Food trucks and ice cream vendors will no doubt be eager to partner up, enhancing the atmosphere and the overall experience.


Are you ready to transform your waterfront into the newest hotspot in town? Water Warrior Services is here to make that happen. Get in touch with us today and together we will turn your waterfront into something unique, memorable, and fun.