Aquaglide Universal Monsoon

The future of Aquapark design. The Aquaglide Monsoon revolutionizes the way all Aquaparks are designed, used, and interacted with by shooting a carefully controlled spray of water in a large radius from the center.

The benefits of a Monsoon System are many:

  1. Reduced Surface Temperature: The rotating spray on the Monsoon will keep the surface area of the play structures cool thus reducing skin irritation and burns.
  2. Reduced Friction: When dry, the Aquapark components can become “grabby” on clothing and skin. With the constant spray keeping the park wet, the pieces become slick and make moving from piece to piece much easier.
  3. Increased Lifespan: By integrating the Monsoon spray system into your park, it eliminates the need to create crude solutions such as a rope and a bucket to keep high-profile slides wet. These types of solutions scrape and rub against the components while being pulled up, which can create fabric damage that leads to air leaks. Wear and tear of this nature is not covered under warranty.
  4. Heat Expansion Control: Keeping the components wet and cool helps to regulate the air temperature inside of the pieces, thus reducing the possibility of over inflation.
  5. Pest Control: The constant spray reduces the possibility of birds parching on the items during operating hours. In the event birds do perch on the pieces after hours, the spray will help wash away any waste left behind.

Available in six system configurations. Universal Monsoon must be purchased separately; it is not included in the system. 


Dimensions 12’8″L x 12’8″W x 9’H
Capacity 6 People
Weight Capacity 1,200 lbs
Material Duratex™ CX3 31 oz PVC
Accessories Included Pump, Hoses, Components
Product Weight 183 lbs