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Recreation Equipment Can Draw More Guests and Increase Revenue

Parks and campgrounds can easily find themselves struggling to stay afloat. They operate in a saturated market with lots of wealthy competitors such as amusement parks. Hope is not lost though, and it is very possible to not only stay open but generate a higher revenue too. The key to making that happen? Strategic usage of various recreation equipment. The right recreation equipment will not only draw in large numbers of people, but it will also have them staying longer and returning as regular customers. 

The Primary Destination

Spaces such as parks and campgrounds are sometimes treated as an option for a stopover or an additional place to visit when the main destination is elsewhere. However, the right recreation equipment can switch up a visitor’s itinerary completely, turning the location into the main attraction. Rather than being used as a ‘We can stop here for now’ place to kill time, it becomes an intentional ‘We should stay here’ visit. People will both come more frequently and stay for more extended periods of time.

Child-Oriented Attractions

The science of play and brain development says that children need one thing above all else in order to stay engaged and entertained- novelty. If parks are able to offer them that through a variety of different recreational equipment kids will want to stay longer. The longer the kids want to stay, the harder it will be for the parents to leave. So long as they are entertained and keeping themselves busy, however, parents are not likely to take issue with it. Not to mention kids who spend all day playing will tire out easily come evening, but by the next morning will be excited to do it all over again.

Family Friendly

The term ‘recreational equipment’ is a vague and broad one, encompassing a lot of different genres of fun. Tempting as it might be to try and appeal to every individual’s tastes, organize recreational gear in a way that caters to a family unit. This is sure to draw in more people than attractions geared towards a niche crowd or have a limited number of things to do and see. Picnic tables, fireplaces, and grills are all staples that can easily draw in large numbers of families around certain holidays. Rental spaces can be used for events such as birthday parties or even family reunions. It is not necessary to advertise your place as one meant for the family, but having the right gear on the premises is sure to draw them regardless.

Active Over Passive

Parks and campgrounds were once ideal spots for passive, relaxing activities, but that model has become outdated. While it is true that they make for a good getaway from the hustle and bustle of life, visitors should have something that they can escape into. Getaway destinations should distract from things like work and school, and when people stay busy then they have less time and energy to worry about other obligations. If people want to relax they will visit quiet retreats. Give them a place where they can let go, have fun and forget about the real world for a little while.

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