Aquaglide Monsoon System

The Importance of a Monsoon System

Inflatable water parks are the future of outdoor recreational entertainment. They offer something for the whole family, ensuring that everyone stays cool and enjoys their experience. Investing in an inflatable waterpark for your campground, beach, lake, or similar outdoor event can make it more fun than ever. 

Why You Need the Aquaglide Monsoon System

When it comes to inflatable water parks, one thing is critical: Water! Adding this element may seem like a no-brainer, but we’re bringing it to a whole new level with the Aquaglide Monsoon. This product embodies the future of all water park designs. It completely changes the playing field by exerting a carefully planned spray of water across a large area of the water park.

Adding more water may not sound like a big deal, but it provides more benefits than you might imagine. Water parks are almost always in use on hot summer days. While being in the water is an excellent way to cool down, surface temperatures on the attractions can often rise to the level of discomfort for your guests. The Monsoon’s rotating spray patterns make sure the structures stay at an even temperature and don’t get so hot that they ruin the experience for the park’s patrons. 

Another thing that can make water parks less enjoyable is the high friction on the slides and other park features. This higher friction can cause clothing to catch on the fabrics and lead to skin irritation for the guests. However, water is one of the best ways to lubricate the slides and other water park components, reducing the friction and increasing the fun. 

Prolonged sun exposure and dryness can drastically decrease the working life of a water park’s components. It can cause the fabric to wear faster, fade, and tear more easily. When you use the Monsoon system in your water parks, you eliminate dryness and decrease the effects of prolonged sun exposure. This feature can also save you money in repair and maintenance costs. 

Why Choose Water Warrior Services? 

Water Warriors Services offers installation and uninstallation services, marketing advice, design tips, and more to help you keep your water park in top shape. Our unique, ever-growing selection of park pieces means that your park is guaranteed to be unlike any other, and you can even switch it up from time to time to make sure that guests get a unique experience with every visit.