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How Water-Based Entertainment Adds Revenue

Increasing revenue is the goal of most any business, but doing so while building communities in the process is a feat many can claim to have accomplished. Water-based entertainment centers have proven to be a surefire way to add revenue while also contributing a one-of-a-kind experience to their respective locales. This then begs the question, what makes water-based entertainment so successful? Here are four reasons why providing water-based entertainment for your local communities is also good for business. 

Valuable Property

Generally speaking, waterfront assets tend to be the most valuable assets on any property. Developing them to create water-based entertainment centers for families to enjoy is one the best ways to leverage said asset. As small-scale waterfronts struggle to compete with large water parks, exercising a little creativity can go a long way without causing budgetary strains. It is both cost effective and offers a large return of investment.

One Leads to Another

Simply developing a local waterfront is not enough to add a noteworthy boost to revenue. That can be found in the other amenities that can be added along with water-based entertainment structures. As the inflatables go up, so too does the need for complementary services such as concession stands and lounge areas. It breathes new life into locations that have since lost their appeal. This both draws back the locals who had largely lost interest in the waterfront and turns it into a tourist attraction for visitors. 

water-based entertainment


Conversely, some recreational spaces and parks are too expensive to maintain in spite of their popularity. Utilize the waterfront by adding new attractions such as inflatables, boat rentals, rentable spaces for parties, and races. They will create far more buzz than a body of water exclusively meant for swimming ever could.

The Novelty Factor

Large water parks become well-known for specific rides that keep bringing back crowds year after year. However, they are not able to add new attractions without expanding their property or taking down an existing one, both of which can be costly. They can begin to feel stale after a while, and even faithful park goers will start craving something new. Smaller recreational spaces, on the other hand, are able to create as many new attractions as they please. Inflatables are ideal for smaller spaces and they are intended to be rearranged, so park goers know they will always have something new to look forward to.

Are you looking to add something new and exciting to your waterfront or recreational park? Contact Water Warrior Services today and we will help you find exactly what you need.