Water-Based Entertainment

Water-Based Entertainment Builds Community

Community building is the catch-all term for different practices meant to bring people together through commonalities. From small-scale events like neighborhood potlucks to large-scale events such as festivals, there are many ways to unite those who share common interests and needs. Sometimes the best ways to promote that sense of unity and togetherness is not found through bringing something new into the community, but by tending to the physical location itself. Building and tending to community gardens help people feel connected to each other and to the environment and offer a means of self-sufficiency. Likewise, adding places of water-based entertainment is an excellent opportunity for building bonds between members of a community and the spaces that they inhabit.

Community Development

Community development is a broad concept which the United Nations defines as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” It can be best understood as a way of empowering individuals or groups of people to make the necessary changes to improve their communities. In other words, it is not the type of change that is dependent on politicians or powerful activists, but rather anyone who cares enough to want to make a difference and improve the places that they call home.

Community Organization

Community organization is the method used to achieve the goals of community development. Not to be confused with community organizing, which attempts to bring people together for a short-term goal by appealing to authority, community organization focuses on the long-term by tending to a community’s social health and well-being. It identifies changes that can be made to improve the overall well-being of a community and its inhabitants.

The Outcome

So how does all of this apply to water-based entertainment?  First, it is important to note that waterfronts are often among the most valuable assets on any property, so developing them as best as possible makes a place more profitable and marketable. In the case of a community, adding water-based entertainment can introduce new sources of revenue by attracting out-of-town tourists as well as giving residents a place to explore or spend time without having to travel far. Any money put into developing a waterfront is an investment made in a community’s future.

Water-based entertainment is something that can appeal to just about any demographic. This makes it an especially attractive destination for group events like family get-togethers, school field trips, and birthday parties. These places are meant to keep everyone happy and having fun, and that sort of environment is perfect for fostering a stronger sense of togetherness and bonding. It adds a new dimension to a community’s identity just like the favorite local eatery and its signature dishes or invaluable cultural and historic sites. These places are something that communities can be proud of.

Designing places such as water parks or newly developed waterfronts is something that requires much careful thought and consideration. People must collaborate to share ideas, discuss priorities, and examine budgets and funding before the development itself can begin. In other words, the very act of creating these entertainment hotspots will start bringing together members of a community to focus on what matters most- making their community a better place for everyone. 

The First Step

What may sound like a simple idea for renovation and entertainment can in fact be the key to maintaining healthy and happy communities. One need not have an extensive background in sociology to see the value that water-based entertainment has to offer to any location. Are you ready to improve your community by bringing people together and adding new sources of revenue? Water Warrior Services has all of the tools you need to give your beloved communities a long-overdue makeover. Contact us today and tell us how we can help turn your local waterfronts into a thriving getaway for fun in the sun.