Water Recreation Equipment

Water Recreation Equipment for Campgrounds

Adding water recreation equipment to campgrounds has become a growing trend in recent years, and with good reason. Camps can experience numerous benefits from these additions, namely an increase in revenue and a boost to their image. It’s effective for both rebranding purposes as well as a means of establishing yourself in a somewhat saturated market. When looking at the benefits to amenities and features, however, camp owners shouldn’t only consider the ways in which they benefit. The benefits that campers receive are just as important, if not more so. These benefits are what allow campers to have an unforgettable experience and turn them into repeat customers for years to come.

Enhance Programming

When you introduce water recreation equipment to your campground, you open up a whole host of opportunities for new programs and activities. Add a few floaties or an inflatable basketball hoop to the pool and you can turn that still water into an active playground. Larger bodies of water can accommodate jet skiing, rafting, paddle boats, and kayaking. You can also schedule a fun few activities with sponges and water balloons to keep the kids entertained all day long.

Promote Physical Health and Exercise

Some people are turned off by the idea of going on vacation and taking a break from the world because they can’t stand being idle. Adding water recreation to your campground makes it easier for everyone to stay active on their vacation. Aquatic sports are also very versatile. There’s something for just about every age and size, so it’s an excellent medium for people to amp up their current exercise routine or create a new one.

Encourage Social Skills

While there are plenty of solo activities to enjoy in an aqua park there are plenty of group activities for camp goers to participate in. Kids in particular can use this as an opportunity to develop social skills like cooperation, sharing, and team building. These aquatic hotspots can simultaneously give the more anxious and introverted kids a place to play so they do not feel left out and can help them be more comfortable around others without feeling obligated to interact.

Develop Motor Skills

There are certain milestones that kids typically reach once they hit a certain age, and it’s important to provide them with activities to strengthen the skills that they are developing. Motor skills, like social skills, are an extremely important part of childhood development. Water play allows children to develop and strengthen both their gross and fine motor skills. Lifting, splashing, jumping, and climbing all enhance gross motor skill growth, and there are countless aquatic inflatables that work those muscles. Fine motor skills like grasping and squeezing and strengthened with games like sponge toss and filling up water balloons. Water recreation equipment with handles, like slides, also helps with these skills. 

Provides A Fun Screen-Free Activity

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not technology is more helpful to kids and families, or if it’s interfering with communication and bonding. Rather than continue that argument, we suggest providing a fun screen-free alternative. It shows kids how to have fun in the great outdoors without trying to replace all the gizmos and gadgets that they love. Taking things away and expecting them to enjoy the replacement is likely to be met with resistance, but giving them the freedom to explore new things helps them make their own choices 

Stimulate a Connection with Nature

Spending time in the great outdoors isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay! Kids today are growing up with different toys and types of recreation than their parents did, so it’s only natural that they might not see what’s so great about climbing trees or running around barefoot outside. Spending time playing in the water, whether it’s during fast-paced team games or just some leisurely swimming, has a different feeling to it than other outdoor activities. If parents tell their kids to go play outside they may be restricted to the yard, and find it difficult to have fun when they’re ‘stuck’. A campground aqua park is an open area with plenty to offer, giving them plenty of space to play while they get some fresh air and enjoy what nature has to offer.  

Make Memories

Above all else, your water recreation equipment should give campers an incredible experience that keeps them coming back for more. If you’re ready to get started on creating a one-of-a-kind water recreational hotspot, Water Warrior Services is here to help. As the premier one-stop-shop for all of your waterfront recreational needs, you can count on our expert staff to help with:

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