Water Park Owner

Water Warrior Services Interviews A Water Park Owner

Water Warrior Services Interviewed Sammy, the owner of Water Warrior Island. We asked her some questions about starting a water park and her experience with Water Warrior Services. Here’s what she said. 

What are some major hurdles when opening a water park?

Opening an Aquapark can be a daunting idea when you dig into the requirements and investment it takes. Some major hurdles include:

  1.  Choosing your equipment
  2. Finding and outfitting a body of water
  3. Figuring out staff
  4. Devising an operation plan 
  5. Planning to create run a safe and fun facility
  6. Insurance
  7. Financing
  8. Permitting, which differs for every body of water. 

How long before you recoup the costs of the equipment?

We managed to recoup the investment in the first year at all of our facilities, plus make a little extra. 

Why choose Aquaglide?

I chose Aquaglide because I believe it’s a superior brand. It has that WOW factor and features that set them apart. I’ve seen Wibit parks, and I wasn’t impressed with their flatness and lack of activities. Aquaglide has treated me well, and they’re on the ball when it comes to taking care of their customers. 

What makes Aquaglide different?

Its customer service and the size and functionality of its features. Their giant swings and huge slides make the parks stand out, even from the road, drawing people’s interest. Instead of the competition’s designated stair system, Aquaglide’s unlimited boarding zones let you re-enter the park from anywhere.

Aquaglide is the only company with the Monsoon Spray System, a giant sprinkler that keeps the entire park wet and slippery, extending its life and increasing play value. Their warranty process and customer support are also a huge bonus. Any issue I’ve ever encountered, they’ve made right or offered a solution that works for both parties. 

Does a lot of repair and maintenance go into park equipment?

Surprisingly, no. Good water park equipment is highly durable, and with just a little preventative maintenance, inflatables will last for years. This includes applying UV protectants, daily airchecks, abiding by capacity requirements, and ensuring proper use of each feature. There are minor issues with anything, but Aquaglide offers assistance to get you a new piece or have it repaired for a discounted rate. 

Do you need a concession stand?

Concessions aren’t necessary, but they help keep people at your facility and spending money. Even some basics like hotdogs, soda, and water prevent people from leaving as quickly and help offset costs you may incur throughout the season. I’d say that offering as many amenities as possible to complement the Aquapark is a great idea. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to open a park?

Do your research and ask questions. When we first began, there were hardly any resources to assist with installation, repair, anchoring, and cleaning.

 Some things to research as you begin:

  • Your budget
  • Your bottom line
  • Your demographics
  • Your body of water
  • Your season
  • Goals for the park
  • How many employees you’ll need

By being inquisitive and making countless phone calls, I learned about the equipment and found solutions to any issue we encountered. 

Water Warriors Services is here to help

We can help you set up, design, break down, and repair your waterpark inflatables to give you peace of mind. We also provide a UV-protectant coating that helps extend the life of each aquapark feature and protects your investment well into the future. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get the water flowing in your aquapark!