What Are The Best Inflatable Water Slides?

The best inflatable water slides for campgrounds, amusement parks, waterfront hotels, and aqua parks are versatile and easy to install. They come in a wide variety and their customizable features make them a great fit for commercial use. Still, the question is this: which products are best overall? The answer depends on several factors, so here’s a rundown of the top models we install at Water Warrior Services to give you an idea of what’s available at the moment.

Customizable Aquaglide inflatable water slides

Overall, the best inflatable water slides for commercial uses come with plenty of fun features and amenities for all ages. Most people assume that only kids like water-based recreational activities, but anyone can enjoy them. So, the top products appeal to a broad, diverse audience, not only children. 

This type of versatility separates entry-level slides and inflatable water park sets from top brands like Aquaglide. Whereas other inflatable sets don’t connect well, Aquaglide inflatable products fit together perfectly, and you can customize sections and add-ons as needed. For instance, you can add a yacht slide just as easily as an additional lounge piece or a blast bag.

Safe to use

Safety is another thing to keep in mind when shopping for commercial inflatable water slides. The problem with cheap inflatables is that the fabric gets hot when exposed to sunlight all day, and if you don’t keep the product wet at all times, it can stick to the skin and may cause an injury. But Aquaglide products include a Monsoon Spray system that keeps surfaces moist, slippery, and cool enough to walk comfortably. Contact us for more information on inflatable water slide replacement parts.

Versatile configurations

Aquaglide inflatable water slides also connect with many different add-ons such as an obstacle course.  The base system includes many connections for items like an inflatable trampoline or a cyclone wheel, which is like a human hamster wheel on the water. It’s a terrific way to bring one-of-a-kind entertainment to a hotel, campground, or new water park that people can’t find anywhere else.

You could choose a ring configuration or a long, windy serpentine setup with different pathways, pavilions, event tents, and even an inflatable lifeguard station. That’s why we consider Aquaglide products the best available for commercial use.

If inflatable sets aren’t ideal, you can go with Slick Slide water slides instead. These products come in land-based and water-based models, and they’re a more traditional option. These products come in fiberglass slides rather than the inflatable variety, which means people will slide down much faster, so if you’re looking for a more thrilling setup. Slick Slides are a viable alternative. 

Ultimately, the best inflatable water slides are versatile, customizable, and appeal to all ages, not only kids and teenagers. If you’d like to learn more about which commercial water slide would work best, contact us for more information about our installation services.