Aquaglide Water Trampoline

What is an Aquaglide Water Trampoline?

Aquaglide’s line of water trampolines are defined by their impressive durability, a hallmark of Aquaglide products, and their delivery. The high-quality construction responsible for their longevity is also what makes them so much fun for years on end. The high-grade and commercial grade materials used in Aquaglide’s products are what gives an Aquaglide water trampoline its superior bounce. When combined with their signature Interloc system, these water trampolines can be connected to a variety of different Aquaglide products to create one-of-a-kind obstacle courses, lounge areas, and other custom designs.

Ricochet Bouncer

Ricochet Bouncer is an Aquaglide water trampoline appropriate for residential usage, so you can experience the thrill and excitement of a waterpark in your own backyard or on vacation to the lake. Its sizing options make it perfect for families, other small groups, and younger users. The Ricochet Bouncer 12.0 is 12 feet in diameter and can hold 1-3 people, while the 16.0 is 16 feet in diameter and can hold 3-5. It works as a standalone but can also be combined with other Aquaglide products for even more fun in the summer sun.

Recoil Tramp

Like the Ricochet Bouncer, the Recoil Tramp perfectly accommodates families, small groups, and younger users. The Recoil Tramp is slightly larger than the Ricochet Bouncer, available in 14-foot diameter and 17-foot diameter options. It is also capable of connecting with other Aquaglide accessories on two sides of the platform. Both of the residential Aquaglide water trampolines also come with a C-Deck boarding platform and 4-way anchor bridle.


The Supertramp is a member of Aquaglide’s commercial usage family. Like the Ricochet Bouncer and Recoil Tramp it uses an eight-sided frame as opposed to a traditional circular trampoline. Circular trampolines have a small, limited ‘sweet spot’ directly in the center, but an octagonal trampoline’s springs pull in many different directions. This leads to a consistent high bounce all across the surface of the trampoline. It comes with the Swim Step access platform to make boarding easier and safer for swimmers. Options for diameter include 14 feet, 17 feet, and 23 feet. They hold up to 3, 4, or 5 people respectively.  

Why Stop There?

Whether you are looking for another addition to your aquatic recreational facility or want to have your own personal waterpark, an Aquaglide water trampoline has exactly what you need. If you want to see more Aquaglide products that can connect with your water trampoline, contact Water Warrior Services today. Our team will help you explore your options so you can assemble the perfect waterpark.