aqua parks

Why Aqua Parks Are a Great Addition to Your Water Based Business

These eye-catching water inflatables are creating attention of seasonal entrepreneurs, camps, marinas, cable parks, resorts, and virtually anyone with a business model that has a lakefront, pond, or pool!

Let’s first talk about where and when these aqua parks started becoming so popular. Inflatables aqua parks started overseas about 20 years ago and started grabbing the attention of owners with waterfront resorts giving them an edge and one up on their local competition. They were eye-catching and wowing visitors, that couldn’t wait to try out this new water recreation attraction. Visitors fell in love with this new attraction, which can accommodate the ages of 6 years of age and up. Giving families something awesome to enjoy and create memories as a whole!

Once the cat was out of the bag everyone that had a lakefront, ocean, pond, or pool started to gravitate and inquire about this new wave of inflatables on the water. 20 years later aqua park owners have said the R.O.I is incredibly beneficial and gives visitors a perfect blend of recreation and fun! 

The most prosperous manufacturer and a company that is setting the standard high within the aqua park industry is Aquaglide. They have been recognized as the go-to for any style aqua park. Aquaglide continues to wow park operators and its visitors year after year with new exciting wow factor components giving waterfront recreation a whole new meaning.

If interested in adding an aqua park to your camp, resort, cove, lagoon, pond, or any other body of water contact Water Warrior Services your turnkey solution to all your waterfront recreational needs. Water Warrior Services can help you with consulting, planning, design, marketing, and operations to help you achieve your goals and succeed! Because when you succeed we succeed!