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How to Winter-proof Your Inflatable Aqua Park

Winter is coming, or better yet, is already upon us. During this time, we can expect fewer people to visit our resorts and aqua parks, so it might be a good opportunity to do some seasonal maintenance on our inflatable aqua park so that they will last longer and can avoid unnecessary repairs. We’ve gathered together some practical, easy-to-do tips for you so that you can prepare your equipment and gear up for a successful opening day.

Clean your inflatable aqua park

First on the list is how to clean your inflatable aqua park. Since there are probably fewer people going to aqua parks this season, you may use the time to temporarily remove your inflatables. Place the inflatables on a clean surface lined with a tarp or a plastic sheet. To avoid causing punctures to the inflatables, inspect the surface beforehand and make sure it’s free of sharp objects, stones, or rocks. Using soapy water and sufficient elbow grease, wash the inflatables to remove the dirt, sand, and other small particles visible on the surface. There might also be tough stains to remove, and for these, you can use commercial stain removers that don’t harm the surface of the inflatables.

Inspect your inflatable aqua park

While the inflatables are in “dry dock”, take this chance to thoroughly inspect the said inflatable aqua park for damaged areas or those that need some tender, loving care. Mark the areas that require such repair so that you can easily get back to them later on.

You may also take this opportunity to inspect the valves and make sure that the gaskets present therein are still locked in place and do not leak, are clean, and are free of debris.

Once you have cleaned the surface, you can apply some protectant to give your inflatables that brand-new like appearance. Applying a protectant will also help repel dirt and stains on the vinyl, and adds a protective layer to it. Doing this once a month moving forward may help to prolong the life of your inflatables and thus, protect your investment.

Disinfect your inflatable aqua park

In this time and age, your patrons will thank you if you put a little extra effort to make sure you’re looking out for their well-being. Thus, it is a good idea to apply a commercial antimicrobial spray to protect against viruses, bacteria, algae, mold, mildew, and even fungus. Be generous in applying this spray and cover all sides. Leave it to dry before storing, to keep it free of molds and mildew over the winter.

Inflatable Aqua Park

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