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Disinfecting Your Inflatable Aqua Park

Just about everyone had to miss out on summer fun last year because of the COVD-19 pandemic.  And even though the vaccines are now being distributed we still have to take extra precautions to ensure summer is not ruined for two years in a row.  Anyone who spends time at the waterfront knows just how much pathogens can interfere with summer recreation, as this season provides ideal conditions for them to grow and thrive. Keeping your inflatable aqua park clean is important.

The Importance of Disinfecting

It might sound excessive to clean off your Inflatable Aqua Park because of how much time they spend in the water.  But just because something is wet does not mean that it is clean.  In fact, the combination of heat and moisture means that your Inflatable Aqua Park is more prone to harboring bacteria, mold, and mildew.  Disinfecting Inflatable Aqua Parks should be a frequent practice whether you are using them in a personal pool, public pool, natural body of water, or a waterpark.  Owners of spaces that are open for public use should take extra care in disinfecting any inflatables in their pools and parks such as slides because of how many people come into contact with them every day. 

Things to Avoid

Before you begin disinfecting an Inflatable Aqua Park you want to make sure that the products you are using are compliant with the CDC and the manufacturing guidelines.  You should also try to avoid using any cleaners that are not marine safe if your inflatables are still in the water.  Avoid petroleum-based cleaners and cleaners with pumice on PVC products.  Especially avoid using a power washer, as it can puncture your inflatables. 

Getting Started

Before the actual disinfecting process you should thoroughly examine your waterfront inflatables.  This not only gives you a good idea of how intensive your disinfecting will need to be, but it can also help you find things you might not have noticed otherwise.  Things like food, jewelry, sticks, leaves, and other large debris should be removed by hand.  Make note of any discoloration or damaged areas that you find as well, as your Inflatable Aqua Park may be in need of repair or replacement.  If you do find damaged areas be careful not to exacerbate the damage as you clean and disinfect. 

The Cleaning Process

If you are going to disinfect an Inflatable Aqua Park outside of the water, first make sure that it is properly detached.  You should keep the blower running though, so the entire surface area is exposed.  You are less likely to miss any spots this way.  Drain any sitting water from your inflatable, and use a hose to thoroughly rinse off any grass, algae, mud, or other impurities that cling to the surface.  Clean the surface using soap, mild dish detergent, or a PVC cleaner.  You can use a sponge, rag, soft bristle brush, or all three if that is what it takes to remove impurities from the surface.  If you use soap or dish soap be careful not to use products that contain bleach, as they will discolor you inflatable unless you are removing mold build-up.  After you have cleaned your inflatable disinfect it using bleach-free commercial wipes or sprays such as Lysol.  You can also make a solution of diluted bleach and water.  If you decide to use a diluted bleach solution do not let it sit for more than five minutes after applying or it will discolor your inflatable.  Shake off any excess water and dry it down using a soft towel.  Let it sit in the sun to finish drying; however, take note that sunlight will not disinfect for you, that is an urban legend.     

Be sure not to leave any dirty or soapy water sitting around, and rinse off the area after cleaning.  If you are going to store the inflatable after disinfecting, let it fully dry before putting it away.  You may also want to wear waterproof shoes as you clean. 

inflatable aqua park

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