Water Recreation Is Best With Water Inflatables

Water Recreation

Water inflatables have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years and the water recreation industry shows no signs of slowing down. This should come as no surprise given the many different types of inflatables available for both commercial and residential usage are nothing like the floating toys kids had a decade ago. […]

How Do I Start a Water Park Business?

floating obstacle course

If you think back to being a child, you’ll remember all the beautiful, sunny days you spent at water parks. There is no denying that they are a very wholesome vacation destination for people of all ages. Water parks are filled with days of adventures, laughter, and fun for everyone. If you like the sound […]

How to Build a Water Park

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Water parks can be great investments with high returns when placed in prime areas ideal for vacations. They offer enjoyment for the entire family, across genders and ages. So if you are looking to venture into it as a business, correct planning and construction should be a top priority. This article will walk you through […]

What is an Aquaglide Water Trampoline?

Aquaglide Water Trampoline

Aquaglide’s line of water trampolines are defined by their impressive durability, a hallmark of Aquaglide products, and their delivery. The high-quality construction responsible for their longevity is also what makes them so much fun for years on end. The high-grade and commercial grade materials used in Aquaglide’s products are what gives an Aquaglide water trampoline […]

How To Winterize Your Inflatables

How To Winterize Your Inflatables

Aquatic inflatables are, without question, a staple for making your summers memorable and fun. What happens when summer ends though? It’s time to pack up for the winter – but there is more to the take-down process than deflating and storing them in the garage until next year. We created this handy guide on how […]

Advantages of a Floating Obstacle Course

floating obstacle course

A floating obstacle course is a great addition to any pool, waterpark, or outdoor waterfront property. In fact, obstacle courses have far more benefits than most people realize. The financial benefits to installing floating obstacle courses are far less obscure. The physical and psychological health benefits they provide for swimmers of all ages is something […]

What is an Inflatable Water Park?

Inflatable Water Park

Water-based entertainment has been around for thousands of years, with references to swimming being found in ancient cultures across the globe. It wasn’t until 1923 that we saw a revolution in the world of recreational aquatic sports, when the very first water slide was introduced in Faribault, Minnesota. Countless inventions and innovations have been introduced […]

The Best Floating Cabanas

Floating Cabanas

Floating cabanas are a great way to introduce a fun new element to your water-based attractions or private pools. With so many different great pieces to choose from it can be hard to decide which inflatables to add to your property. This list influences four of the best inflatables Aquaglide has to offer to enhance […]

Campgrounds Are A Great Place For Aqua Inflatables

Aqua Inflatables

Campgrounds draw in large numbers of visitors every year. Some enjoy the chance to unplug and escape from technology-driven lifestyles, others want to spend time connecting with nature, and there are those who simply want a change in scenery. These reasons have been drawing people to campgrounds for decades, and the industry is one that’s […]

Amazing Opportunities for Waterfront Recreation and Water Inflatables

water inflatables

At face value, a local waterfront might not appear to be a place of great untapped potential. But with water inflatables, there is a different story. A closer inspection, however, would show that is far from being true. Waterfronts are excellent ways of bringing revenue into the community, and help shape their respective communities in […]